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Local, Organic, Non-CAFO* Foods

Where to Find Organic and non-CAFO Food

As Sierra Club members, we are all well informed as to dangers of *CAFOs and pesticide use on our produce. We have received several inquiries from members regarding where to purchase meat and produce from farmers and distributors who do not add to the mega-farm, mega-pollution problem.

So we are starting a list and we need your help. Where do you buy your meat and produce? Have you been able to find organic produce in your area? Are there restaurants near you that serve free-range pasture-fed meat and poultry, and organic vegetables? If you've discovered a wonderful farm in your area that practices sustainable agriculture, let us know. We also want to hear from you if you are a  member of a Community Supported Agriculture organic farm!

* See Facts about CAFOs

Online Resources

You can search the web for locally-grown, pesticide-free, antibiotic-free, non-CAFO and organic food near you.


Local Resources

  • Farms Without Harm, interactive maps of farms with safe, healthy food.
  • Lamb Farm, John and Suzanne Smucker, in Manchester, have organic lambs, chicken, beef and compost.

  • Earthscape/Full Circle Farm, Bill and Patrice Bobier, in Hesperia, sell organic beef and pork.
    4220 E Loop Rd., Hesperia, MI 49421

  • Food for Thought, in Honor, has a wide variety of unique organic jelly and jams.
    (231) 326-5444

  • Roseland Organic Farms, in Cassopolis, has organic steaks, roasts and ground meat.
    (269) 445-8769

  • WLS Organic Acres, in Saline;
    certified Organic since 1990; 12 miles SW of Ann Arbor; small grains and hay, pastured beef, duck eggs, and more.

  • Huron Valley Group list of local and sustainable food sources.

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