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Legislative District Watchdogs

Our Michigan lawmakers need to hear from more than just the special interests in Lansing.  They need to hear from people in their districts about why protecting Michigan's environment is so important.

   We are inviting you to participate in a new program designed to connect legislators with people who care about Michigan's air, land, and water.  It's called the "District Watchdogs." 

   Put simply, District Watchdogs is a group of people like you and me who are willing to stand up for Michigan's environment by visiting their Legislators in the home district, writing them a letter, making a phone call to them, or writing to their local paper on behalf of important pro-environment legislation. 

Here's How it Works

   Sierra Club will contact you with the information you need to weigh in on important issues like out-of-state waste, stopping sprawl, enforcing environmental laws, regulating factory farms and many other issues.

   When key pro-environmental legislation hangs on the balance, we'll ask for your help.

   If a visit to your legislator is the most effective option, we'll ask you and other District Watchdogs to make that visit and will help you set it up.  Sometimes we'll ask you to send a brief letter, make a phone call, or attend a hearing.

   You don't have to be an expert, just someone who cares about Michigan's environment.  We will supply you with information.  You don't have to have lots of time, either; just the willingness to respond to occasional alerts that will come when your voice can be most effective. 

For more information, contact:

Anne Woiwode, Michigan Chapter Director,