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Gov Snyder Environmental Scorecard

Sierra Club Releases First-Ever Report On Governor Snyder’s Performance

Snyder Gets a Failing Grade on Energy, Environment, Good Government Policies

The Sierra Club Michigan Chapter released its first-ever gubernatorial Scorecard, which evaluates Rick Snyder’s performance on energy, environment, fair democracy and related issues. Michigan’s chief executive got a failing grade, scoring 31% on the most important actions taken during his first four years in office on Sierra Club issues. The full scorecard is available below.

“A majority of the decisions made by Gov. Snyder in our Scorecard contribute toward polluting our water, air, land and undermining public health and good government. These are the wrong priorities for residents of the Great Lakes State,” said Mike Berkowitz, Legislative and Political Director of the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter.

“Snyder’s biggest environmental accomplishment over the past four years was establishing a regional transportation authority for southeast Michigan,” said Richard Barron, chair of Sierra Club’s Political Committee.

“When Gov. Snyder campaigned for election there was optimism that as governor of the Great Lakes State he would be a leader on clean energy, pollution protection, and water quality,” said Barron. “With the exception of transportation policy there’s been no substantive leadership on these issues, and in a majority of cases Michigan has moved backwards."

The Scorecard was originally released right before Gov. Snyder's 2014 State of the State address but is periodically updated as he makes more decisions that impact our environment. It is intended to provide a substantive, detailed guide to his record on issues important to Sierra Club members and all residents of the Great Lakes State.

“Michigan used to be a leader in making conservation a top priority under Republican Governors such as Bill Milliken, but not anymore,” said James D’Amour, the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter’s Political Committee Vice Chair. D’Amour described Governor Snyder’s environmental record as “disappointing and disheartening for Republicans like me who care about clean air and water.”

The Scorecard includes 51 key decisions made by Gov. Snyder on Sierra Club issues including 41 bills signed into law, three bills vetoed, and seven administrative actions regarding permits and DEQ/DNR programs. Gov. Snyder signed 21 bills into law that were direct attacks on environmental protections. He signed 13 bills designed to protect the environment and also vetoed two bills attacking environmental protections. He vetoed one bill and signed three more that were direct attacks on our democracy. The seven administrative actions weakened access to clean air, water and land.

For questions or inquiries please contact:
Mike Berkowitz, Legislative & Political Director
Office: (517) 484-2372 Ext. 13
Cell: (248) 345-9808

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