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Memorials and Commemorative Gifts Honor Loved Ones by Protecting the Environment

Dietrich Bergmann

Dietrich was a man with great intellect, knowledge (technical and legal) and doggedness that made his immeasurable efforts crucial in working on environment and public transportation problems in the US and Canada.

He was modest about his abilities. Dietrich said several times how little he knew about computers so it was a surprise to hear a nephew say Dietrich had helped him set up very complex spreadsheets. When it was mentioned to him what Dietrich said, his nephew replied, “He probably meant that he couldn’t build a computer himself ... from sand.” Thinking back, Dietrich never did ask for computer help. He became a good friend. We miss him and are happy to have known him for all too short a time. Contribution to the Michigan Sierra Club was made by Ed Steinman and Rita Mitchell.
Dietrich Bergmann

  Terry Kihara

Terry Yoshiko Kihara

In memory of our friend, Terry Yoshiko Kihara, an artist and patron of the Sierra Club, Doctors Without Borders, programs for social justice, and arts programs such as The Prison Creative Arts Project and the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance, where the Terry Y. Kihara Scholarship Fund was established. Contribution to Michigan Sierra Club was made by Ed Steinman and Rita Mitchell on behalf of Terry’s foundation.

Marie Weigold

Marie was active in Michigan politics for most of her life and for the last decade, she set her sights on the political fight for a cleaner, healthier environment. Marie participated in many Sierra Club Lobby Day events and she also was a member of the Michigan Sierra Club Chapter Political Committee, where she provided expertise from her many years of experience in state politics. Marie passed away on April 2 and memorials to the Michigan Sierra Club were suggested. The printed program featured this beautiful paragraph by John Muir:

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.

Nature’s peace will flow into you
as sunshine flows into trees.

The winds will blow their own freshness into you,
and the storms their energy,

While cares will drop away from you
like the leaves of Autumn."


Max Klein

by John Klein

Max was unexpectedly taken from us on Nov. 28, 2011. He loved the woods, the water and being outdoors. And most of all he loved his family. Max is immensely missed by all his family, friends and those friends he met from Sierra Club. Thanks for the joyful memories,  Max.

Memorial Contribution made by
Ed Steinman and Rita Mitchell.
Max Klein


Laura Louise Graham

by Carol Graham

My mom was a kind lady who loved people and who people loved. She was the favorite aunt and the favorite neighbor. She could talk to anyone like she had known them forever. My mom was a homemaker, scout leader, community volunteer and worked the elections every year. She passed away on Dec. 8, 2011.

Memorializing wonderful people like my mom, Laura Louise Vliet Graham, can be done in a mean- ingful way when several Sierra Club members com- bine their giving. So far over $500 has been raised in my mom’s name for Sierra Club because, like her, its members care about people and animals, being good citizens and taking care of our home — the planet.

Sheridan Edwin Lee

by Carol M. GrahamMr. Sheridan Lee, In Memoriam

I first met Sheridan and his wife, Maryion, when our town was starting a recycling effort and many people came together to help.  Later, Maryion ran for county commissioner, and Sheridan supported her all the way.  I campaigned for her and got to know him at that time.  Sheridan loved to talk about issues, and he knew electing top-notch local, state and national leaders was vital to a healthy society.  He took an interest in getting to know good, caring people and helping them run successful campaigns.  He knew good leaders are tremendously important in a democracy and looked to help the good folks who came his way.

I have wanted to give a donation to the Michigan Sierra Club for some time and was planning on giving when Sheridan passed away on June 9, 2011. A memorial celebration of his life, which highlighted his love for his family and his horses was held in the newly refurbished Durant Hotel in downtown Flint this past summer. 

As a representative from the Chapter’s Flint area group, I know all contributions to Sierra Club are carefully spent on large numbers of projects designed to keep Michigan clean and healthy for all. So, in memory and recognition of Sheridan’s life as he worked for democracy and our rightful place in it, I decided to make a donation to the Michigan Chapter in lieu of flowers.  I believe it’s the perfect way to honor Sheridan, who was recently recognized for his work in social justice, for his activism and expertise in helping earnest and caring individuals become political leaders.

Commemorative and Memorial Gifts can help you celebrate important events or remember a loved one by supporting protection of Michigan’s environment.  Jan O’Connell (616-956-6646) can offer suggestions on how to commemorate these important events.


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