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Michigan's Wild Places

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Michigan is blessed with remarkable natural resources.  Michigan has more public land than any other state east of the Mississippi River.  Our state is said to have a greater diversity of ecosystem types than any place in the continental USA outside of the Pacific Northwest.

Today pressures to develop and exploit these lands for private gain are growing.  Please join us in efforts to protect the amazing places in Michigan that you and your family love.

Our Mission

  • Protect and restore the biodiversity and majesty of Michigan's wildlands 
  • Enhance public trust, give Michigan citizens input into management of the lands they own
  • Help restore and maintain threatened native wildlife

Marvin Roberson, Michigan Forest Policy Specialist, has been a major player in Michigan forest issues for more than fifteen years, who integrates his expertise in forest policy with his training as a Forest Ecologist, to promote ecologically sound management of Michigan's forests.


State Forests, Public Lands, and Biodiversity Stewardship Areas
Michigan has the largest state forest system in the country: four million acres of publicly owned land throughout the northern Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula.

Wildlife Protection
Protection of rare and endangered species is a critical step in assuring that we can restore Michigan's magnificent ecosystems. Find out more about our efforts here.

Oil & Gas Drilling
In July 2011, a federal judge overturned Forest Service approval of drilling adjacent to the Mason Tract on the Au Sable River near Grayling, in response to a lawsuit brought by the Anglers of the Au Sable, Sierra Club and Tim Mason. Oil and gas development has been at the center of some of Michigan's most notorious environmental and conservation fights. Sierra Club works closely with anglers, hunters, local communities and biologists to assure that development of oil and gas on public lands in Michigan does not harm habitat or pollute our waters and lands. Please join us in these efforts.

National Forests
Michigan's three National Forests are a remarkable resource the provide wilderness, biodiversity, recreational activities and water and air quality purification for our state. Sierra Club has been actively engaged in helping shape the management of the Huron-Manistee National Forest, the Hiawatha National Forest and the Ottawa National Forest for more than 35 years. And we also participate in Outings, including periodic service outings, to enjoy and protect these lands. For information about participating in national forest planning activities, contact Marvin Roberson. To join outings in the national forests, check out our outings page or contact your local Sierra Club Outings Chair!

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