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Monitoring Streams Near Slickwater High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing

Join us Thursday November 1, 2012 at 7:30pm on the telephone

John Rebers tests the Salmon-Trout River, Rita Chapman takes notes. Photo by Chauncey "Riverwalker" MoranThe Michigan Water Sentinels teamed up with the Michigan Chapter Beyond Natural Gas & Oil Committee to present a Webinar about testing streams near Slickwater High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing (also known as fracking) well sites.  The first of these was presented on Thursday November 1, 2012.  Here is a link to the Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Near Oil and Natural Gas Operations (234KB in PDF).

A Webinar is a seminar, or workshop, presented by telephone and using the Internet.  A broadband connection is a nice option, but not necessary.  For those of you on dial-up, we provide a PDF document to follow along. Please note the phone call is toll free, but it will still use up cell phone "minutes".  Our presentation and discussion will take approximately 90 minutes, so please plan appropriately.  Contact Conservation Director Anne Woiwode to learn more and to sign up!


Nov. 1, 2012  Webinar - How we Test Water Around Fracking Sites

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