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Grand River Expedition 2010 Frequently Asked Questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to anticipate every question you could possibly ask!  But if your question isn't on the list below, then please contact GRE2010 Registrar Lou Gedvilas at 517-488-2966. 

1)    Will there be a tour of the Grand River headwaters area like 10 years ago when Jim Woodruff led a memorable tour on the first day after Liberty Center opening ceremonies?

Answer:  Yes, there will be a tour again this year.  Details will be provided as we approach the launch date.

2)    How can I register for Grand River Expedition 2010?

Answer:  Sorry -- but registration is now closed.  You can still participate as a Day Paddler!  Perfect for families!  See information here.    

3)    Can my family or group use more than one canoe or kayak?

Answer:  Yes, your group may use whatever number you require.  (We are not set up to haul boats for you during the day if you are not using them, however.)

4)    How much will it cost to be included in the group and register for the full river trip?  (Note:  Registration is now closed!  See FAQ #2.)

Answer:  The cost for the full trip is $142 for an adult and $82 for children 12 and under, plus a $5.00 fee per registration.  As an example, registering 2 adults and 2 children for the entire 13 day expedition will be $ 453 (2 x $ 142 + 2 x $ 82) plus the $5.00 fee. Adding another person at a later time will incur another $5.00 registration fee. The charges include insurance, meals, camping, quality water bottle and water and transportation of camping and personal gear (but not canoes or kayaks).

5)    How much will it cost per day to be included in the group and register for less than the full river trip?  (Note:  Registration is now closed!  See FAQ #2.)

Answer:  The rate for adults for the first day is $26 and $11 for each subsequent day. For children 12 and under it is $16 for the first day and $6 for each subsequent day. As above, the $5.00 administration charge per registration group will apply. The daily charge includes meals, insurance, quality water bottle and water.    

6)    If I plan to camp overnight (instead of going to a motel or back home each night) will I need to carry all my equipment with me in my canoe?

Answer:  No.  Support vehicles will carry camping gear, so you do not have to carry your equipment in your boat.  You are limited to only 2 duffle bags of gear, however.  See What to Bring, What Not to Bring list.

7)    Will camping fees be included in the registration, or a separate cost?

Answer:  All camping fees are included in the registration cost.

8)    What amenities will campsites have?

Answer:  This will vary by site. Many of the campsites are public areas not usually used for camping. At a minimum, water, restrooms (may be port-a-potties) and place to set up a tent will be available. Showers are likely to be an occasional luxury.

9)    When can camping begin?  And, Can I camp at Michigan Center the night of the 14th?

Answer:  YES!  If you're registered for the expedition on the 15th. The Camping procedure will be as follows: when you register for a day with us (registration is now closed by the way!), you'll be expected to camp the evening before your day of paddling. That way, you can have supper, register, get a good night's sleep (we hope) get breakfast bright and early, pack all your gear, get the MANDATORY Rivermaster orientation briefing in the morning and start paddling.  Later, on your registered day, you'll get a box lunch and when you get into the evening's camp, all you have to do is pick up your gear from the Trailspotters truck and you can go home.

10)    Will there be camping at Grand Haven the night before or after the final day?

Answer:  We do not have any agreements nor have facilities been set up for any Expedition Paddlers at Grand Haven for camping.  So camping has not been arranged by us there.  There are state and other parks nearby, you'll need to make your own arrangements. 

11)    If I want to join the group midway, can I camp the night before my first paddling day?

Answer:  No, only pre-registered paddlers will be allowed to camp at our facilities.  Day paddlers will have to arrive early on the morning of their paddle to register and attend the Rivermaster briefing.  Click here for more info. 

12)    I have a pop-up camper that I could move to each campsite.  Would that be allowed?

Answer:  Sorry - to be fair to everyone, your 'gear' will have to fit into two duffel bags for hauling by Trailspotters, we have no room for pop-up campers at the camp sites.

13)    Will meals be provided for registrants and will they be included in registration cost, or a separate cost?

Answer:  All meals during the expedition will be provided for those who register by June 15. Each meal will be provided by organizations and communities along the way.

14)    How soon do you need to know which group meals I want to have?

Answer:  Your registration must be received no later than June 15 for purposes of organizing meals.

15)    Will there be any way to purchase meals on site later?

Answer:  We won't have an answer for that because we don't know how our host / support organizations will handle the food situation. To be on the safe side, if you're not pre-registered, please be sure to bring your own sufficient food and beverages for the day.

16)    Will vegetarian meals be available?

Answer:  Meals will be provided by host volunteer groups at each stop.  While we can pass on any special dietary needs to the groups, we cannot assure that they will be able to meet your needs.

17)    Will I be able to use a small self-contained camp stove at campsites?

Answer:  Open fires will not be allowed at camp sites along the way, but small self-contained camp stoves are acceptable

18)    How can I help while on the river?

Answer:  You can volunteer to help with educational activities, water quality monitoring, photography/videography, or many other areas on the river. Please send an email with your interests to Registrar Lou Gedvilas, and he'll match you with the appropriate volunteers.

19)    Will there be live entertainment in evenings, and if so, will there be a separate charge?

Answer:  At this time we do not expect that there will be a charge for any events that are a part of the expedition beyond the daily charge. However, it is possible that local communities may schedule other events in conjunction with the Expedition. 

20)    Will there be any additional activities for children?

Answer:  We expect there will be activities focused on children, but do not have a schedule at this time.

21)    I am not a fast paddler.  Will a slow paddler be able to keep up?

Answer:  The Grand River Expedition 2010 is not a race. It is a journey of discovery and education. There will be some long days on the river, but it should not be difficult for anyone to keep up.

22)    Will we be able to learn about environmental issues from experts during the trip?

Answer:  Yes, there will be a number of environmental professionals participating in several aspects of the expedition, providing lots of opportunities to learn about environmental issues. There will also be plenty of time to speak with these folks informally along the way.


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