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Hydrofracking Presentations, Events, and Resources

Here's how to learn more about Hydraulic Fracturing, or Fracking in Michigan. 

Here are links to more information, resources and announcements.  

You can download the May 17, 2011 slideshow presentation:  The Dirty Truth about Natural Gas Extraction - Hydrofracking in Michigan presented to the Sierra Club Huron Valley Group, at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor, MI by Michigan Chapter staffer Rita Chapman and our own HVG Group Chair, Nancy Shiffler.  This event is past, but the presentation slideshow is here, complete with notes and "clickable" links embedded. 

Links to Resources about Hydrofracking

USEPA's webpage on hydrofracking, including information about their 2 year study.  Be sure to click all the tabs.

Michigan DEQ's webpage on Oil & Gas, with maps, databases, production numbers, etc. 

Michigan's Oil & Gas Regulations, every single one.  These are the regulations the MDEQ Office of Geological Survey follows in implementing the Oil & Gas program.  

The Endocrine Disruption Exchange webpage on Chemicals in Natural Gas OperationsScientist Theo Colburn was the first to begin to identify over 550 toxic chemicals used in hydrofracking. 

Gasland, a film by Josh Fox If you haven't yet seen this award-winning film, you really should.  Click the Gasland Take Action link below to learn more about how Sierra Club is using the film to educate others. 

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Sierra Club's National Beyond Natural Gas Campaign is working at the federal level to protect us from fracking - and we need your help! 

Michigan Clean Water Action  Click, then scroll down for introductory article and the link to their Take Action page.

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, with tons of information about hydrofracking in Michigan, including links to Michigan regulations.

Michigan's Anglers of the Au Sable, be sure to download their excellent Special Edition of Riverwatch, "Special Report on Oil & Gas"

Michigan State University Extension's Oil and Gas Information Site, excellent information for landowners faced with leasing their property or mineral rights, as well as basic information about oil and gas.
Attorney Susan Topp's Publications page, with many excellent resources for landowners faced with leasing their property or mineral rights

Propublica, Journalism in the Public Interest, and they do a lot on natural gas drilling, definitely worth your time to read.

Circle of Blue, Reporting the World Water Crisis

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