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Governor Jennifer Granholm's State of the State speech on February 3, 2009, moved Michigan forward with one of the most aggressive commitments to implementing clean energy goals in the nation.  Governor Granholm's plan would:

  • reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in the generation of electricity in Michigan by 45% by the year 2020;
  • weatherize 100,000 homes;
  • convert 1,000 buildings into renewable energy generators by installing solar and wind generators;
  • change the way utilities make profits so that they are helping people save energy, not just consuming more.

View of a windmill in Michigan.

 Energy Legislation Enacted, but more is needed:

Governor Jennifer Granholm signed into law a requirements for 10% renewable electric generation for all electric providers and 1% per year energy efficiency for utilities, making Michigan the 30th state in the nation to require greener energy. 

But we need to do more.  We need to create greater opportunities for electricity consumers to turn into electricity producers, increase appliance efficiency standards, and assure that a sound and effective integrated resource planning process is adopted so that Michigan builds clean, green energy instead of more expensive and polluting coal and nuclear power plants.  In addition, we need to assure that the push for biofuels and biomass isn't hurting our state's diverse forests and agricultural capacity.

Sierra Club is working to assure that Michigan is on course to enact a strong and effective requirement for renewable energy.  The Blue Green Alliance, a collaborative effort between the United Steel Workers and the Sierra Club, projects that a requirement for 15% renewable electric generation in Michigan could lead to more than 25,000 additional jobs in Michigan as manufacturers of solar, wind and other renewable energy generators will then locate factories in Michigan.  

Renewable electric generation and energy efficiency will help reduce air pollution that increases mercury contamination of fish and contributes to serious health problems such as asthma.  They'll also save Michiganders substantial amounts of money by stopping the power companies' efforts to build increasingly expensive and unneeded coal fired or nuclear power plants.  But Michigan utilities and their supporters are advocating legislation that slants the floor in favor of plans to lock Michigan in to another fifty years of massive, global warming gas producing coal fired power plants and more nuclear power plants with no way to dispose of their wastes. See Stop the Michigan Coal Rush for more information about this fight.

Find out what you can do to help Michigan move forward with sound renewable energy policies!  Contact Mike Berkowitz for details on how to get involved today.



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