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Green Baxter Goes Hiking at Leslie Science Center, November 22nd, 2008  click here
Hikone Goes Horseback Riding, September 20th, 2008  click here
Sierra Club Retreat at Camp Miniwanca, August 22-24  click here
Green Baxter Goes Fishing, August 9th, 2008  click here
WICO at the 2008 Ann Arbor Art Fair  click here
Green Baxter Goes Canoeing at Gallup Park, July 19th, 2008  click here
Hikone Goes Canoeing on the Huron River, July 26th, 2008  click here

Recent Years

Fishing at Rolling Hills, September 29th, 2007  click here
Discovery Cruise, May, 2006  click here
Matthaei Botanical Gardens, April 8th, 2006  click here
Skiing at Kensington Metropark, February, 2005  click here
Sierra Club Retreat at Camp Minnewanka, September, 2004  click here
Camping on South Manitou Island, June, 2003  click here

Early Photos from our Archives  click here