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Shopping for the Earth

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Shopping for the Earth is a gift card program. Earn up to 23% for the Sierra Club on your purchases! Huron Valley Group members (and their friends & families) have raised funds for these purposes in our area:
successfully support land protection proposals e.g. the Ann Arbor Greenbelt
• address hydrofracking and oil drilling
• advocate for the best transportation plan

• support the Homegrown Festival

All cards can be purchased online. Many can be used to shop online. Cards for some local groceries can also be purchased at meetings or by using a mail-in form.

2 ways to obtain cards or scrip:
Mail-in order form or

With both options you get full face value for any shopping cards you buy, and the Sierra Club receives a contribution on each of your purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?
A: You purchase shopping cards and certificates at face value and you receive cards
for the full face value to spend at your selected businesses. For each shopping card that we sell, the Sierra Club receives a donation of 5% typically and 15% or more for some merchants.

For example: If you buy a LL Bean card through "Shopping for the Earth", LL Bean will donate 15% of the face value of the card to the Sierra Club. So if you buy a $100 card, the Sierra Club receives $15 from LL Bean and you still have $100 to spend.

Q: What can I buy with these cards? Which stores accept them? Do they ever expire?
A: You can use the shopping cards and certificates to buy almost any item at any U.S. location. Cards cannot be redeemed for their full face value in cash. Most cards never expire.

Local participating merchants:

Click here for a list of all available merchants in addition to those above. (a few of of the available brands are listed below)

Q: Can Sierra Club non-members buy or use these shopping cards and certificates?
A: Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to tell your friends and neighbors about the program -- it's a chance for them to help improve their local environment, too. Since
the shopping cards and certificates are transferable, you can give them to others as gifts.

Q: Which store locations accept the cards?
A: They are accepted at any U.S. location of the merchant.

Q: Do I still receive the usual store bonuses and benefits?
A: Yes!

Q: Can the store replace shopping cards and certificates if they are lost, stolen, or defaced?
A: The Sierra Club cannot replace the cards but some merchants can replace cards.

Q: Can I pay online?
A: Yes! With the new online program you can order shopping cards and pay for them online. You can then use the cards to shop online. For the local merchants listed on the paper order form payment must still be by check since they are not sold by GL Scrip--the online shopping card distributor.

Q: I love what you're doing! How can I get more shopping cards and certificates
A: You can get more cards at any time by ordering online. Some cards can be reloaded by the store cashier--the Sierra Club receives a contribution for every reload.

Have other questions?
Please e-mail us.

Thank you for supporting The Huron Valley Group of the Sierra Club!

Some of the many participating national merchants are listed below, all the rest are listed here. The percentages are the contribution to the Sierra Club.

Last updated Oct. 2013

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