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About Sierra Club publications and subscriptions

Annual dues for the Sierra Club include a subscription to the Sierra national bimonthly magazine, the Michigan Chapter quarterly newsletter, and the quarterly Huron Valley Group newsletter, called The Lookout.

Each issue of the Lookout includes the latest Events Schedule with information about all Huron Valley Group outings, meetings, and other activities, as well as informative feature articles of local interest.

To receive these publications, you can join the Sierra Club online by clicking the link to the left, or contact us for membership information. To submit articles please contact the newsletter editor.

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The Lookout, the newsletter of the Sierra Club Huron Valley Group (PDF files)

Spring 2014 (1.9 MB)

  • Proposed Gravel Mine Operation in the Chelsea Area Draws Opposition
  • Sierra Club Endorses AAATA Transit Millage
  • Reapportionment Creates New State Senate District for Western Washtenaw Voters
  • WICO This Outing Was for the Birds...
  • 4 Sierra Club-endorsed candidates win seats on city council

December 2013 (5.8 MB)

  • Want to Win the Climate Debate? Stop Debating.
  • Impact of Fracking on Property Values,
  • Home Loans and Insurance
  • New Clean Car Update
  • WICO This Outing Was for the Birds...
  • 4 Sierra Club-endorsed candidates win seats on city council
  • Long-time Sierra Club Members: 4,725 Years of Membership

September 2013 (1.3 MB)

  • Huge Expansion of Water Withdrawal for Hydrofracking
  • New Clean Car Update
  • WICO Visits Leslie Science Center
  • Glendale Drive Condo development
  • Huron Valley Group Election

April 2013 (2.7 MB)

  • Climate Skeptics
  • Farewell to Winter With Washtenaw ICO
  • Clean Car Chronicles
  • HVG Honors No Paxton, Growing Hope, and Gwen Nystuen
  • The Local Food Summit

November 2012 (1.1 MB) - Election issue with ballot

  • Isle Royale National Park Sierra Club Service Trip
  • Tar Sands, Pipelines, and Michigan
  • Do the Right Thing, an Update on Parks AND Transportation in Ann Arbor
  • Green Politics
  • Down on the Farm with the Frog Holler Folks

Fall 2012 (1.2 MB)
Global Warming and our Health
Foraging for Fungi
Recycling Efforts at Yankee Air Museum Air Show
Reuse and Re-Imagine a Train Station
New Website Leads Visitors Down Michigan Trails
Park Land Ballot Initiative

Spring 2012 (12.9 MB)
Extreme Makeover: Brownfield Edition
Update on Fuller Park
Clean Car Update
Washtenaw Inner City Outings - Maple Syrup Time
HVG Awards
Shopping for the Earth (SFTE): How Are Your Dollars Spent?

Winter 2011 (3.1 MB)
The Controversial Coyote
New Fracking Legislation
The Proposed Fermi 3 Nuclear Reactor
Using Great Lakes Scrip

Fall 2011 (7.4 MB)
Lost Nation Trail Update
Fuller Park--What is Public Involvement?
Bringing It
Washtenaw Inner City Outings
Shopping for the Earth

Spring 2011 (6.4 MB)
Paving Paradise in the Huron River Valley: HVG Says NO to a Parking Structure in Fuller Park
New Website Leads Visitors Down Michigan Trails
A Tribute to the Work of Doug Cowherd
The Great Turtle Rescue
Conservation Corner
Farewell and Thank You to WICO Chair Vera Hernandez
Local Food Summit
Women and the Environment--One Woman's Mission for Sanitation

Fall 2010 (4.1 MB)
The Future of Huron Hills
Grand Island Trip
Window Repair and Weather Stripping
Hydrofracking and Natural Gas Drilling
Conservation Corner
Oktoberfest in Michigan
David Douglas, Plat Collecting and Misnomers

Summer 2010 (4.5 MB)
Fuller Park To Be Site Of Huge Garage
Inner City Outings
The Oldest Net Zero House in America
Women and the Environment: Ellen Swallow Richards
How the Sierra Club Endorses Political Candidates
North Manitou Island Service Trip
Clean Car Update
Conservation Corner

Spring 2010 (2.0 MB)
Why is Ann Arbor having FITS?
Backpacking in Nordhouse Dunes
Local Food Summit
Urbanwood: A Better, Sustainable Option for Removed Trees
Moose on the Loose?
Women and the Environment: Linda Taylor
Two Things I Like about Oregon—What's the deal with PIELC?
Clean Car Update
Off the Beaten Track: Conifers of the Interlobate

Winter 2009-10 (4.5 MB)
Blue Nuns Go Green
State of the Art Low Flow Shower heads
The Essential Green Cleaning Kit
Women and the Environment: Rachel Carson
Home Grown Festival Celebrates its Second Year
Fuller Intermodal Transportation Station Proposal (FITS)
2009 HVG Appreciation Awards

Fall 2009 (8.5 MB)
Inner City Outings at The Mackinac Retreat
Greening Your Home
How Going Broke Made Me Greener
Women and the Environment: Maude Barlow

Summer 2009 (0.9 MB)
Preserving & Canning
Clean Car Update
A Tale of Two Portages
The Fight against Garlic Mustard
Women & the Environment
One Nest, Two Kids, Three Lessons
Sierra Club Retreat
Inner City Outings

Spring 2009 (1.1 MB)
Cutting Down on Plastics
Celebrating Local Food
Yellowstone Inside Out
Michigan's Rare Plants and Animals
Michigan Forest Designation Project
2008 Huron Valley Group Award Winners
Inner City Outings

Fall 2008 (1.0 MB)
Cooking with the Sun: Solar Ovens
Michigan's Valuable Treasure: Water
Inner City Outings Celebrates Ten Years!
Living Simply: Homemade Deliciousness of the Season - Thanksgiving recipes
Off the Beaten Path: Taking the Long View

Summer 2008 (0.9 MB)
Camping in Pinckney and Waterloo
Aged & Ripened-But Still Green (Part III): The Finishing Touches on Our Historic Home Greenovation
Earth Day with Inner City Outings
Clean Car Update
Crisis on the Trail

Spring 2008 (1.4 MB)
Grow Locally, Eat Locally
Aged & Ripened-But Still Green (Part II): Easy Steps to Saving Hundreds on Your Energy Bills
Off the Beaten Path: Historic Charismatic Megafauna
How to get involved with your local food system
Clean Car Update

Winter 2007-2008 (2.5 MB)
Off the Beaten Track: Woodland Trail Skiing
A Year in Review with Inner city Outings
Making Changes
Clean Car Update
Spring Peepers- and year of the Frog!

Fall 2007 (2.5 MB)
Aged & Ripened-But Still Green (Part 1): How we added modern comforts to a historic home and reduced our ecological footprint
Off the Beaten Path: Enjoying a Once-A-Year Hike
Enjoy Fewer Catalogues & Less Junk Mail
The Joy of Volunteering for Nature

Summer 2007 (3.5 MB)
Exploring Isle Royale: Tracking the Trails of Wolves and Moose
Simply Living: Exploring the Close-At-Hand
Exploring the Botanical Gardens, ICO-style
A Sucker Born Every Minute: Exploring Bird Hills and Remembering George Sexton
Detroit Heritage River Water Trail: Creating a paddling trail along the Detroit, Huron, Rouge, and Raisin rivers

Spring 2007 (2.7 MB)
Sweet Saturday: Local kids try their hands at maple sugaring
Community Supported Agriculture, Expanded
Off the Beaten Path: Spring Hiking
Walking Toward Smart Growth
The New Ann Arbor Library Branch - Teaching by Example

Winter 2006-07 (9.6 MB)
Local hikes in old growth sites
Six months in Yellowstone
Local land preservation
Honda Civic Hybrid experiences
Fun with Inner City Outings
Winners of annual awards

Fall 2006 (7.3 MB)
Local organic food
Woodworking competition and exhibit
Coppicing to save ash trees
Hiking in hunting season
Simply Fall - living simply
Inner City Outings Detroit River Cruise
Clean Car Update - Honda Civic GX

Summer 2006 (8.6 MB)
The Green Governor: Michigan's Golden Age under Governor Milliken
The Beauty of Waterloo
Protecting the One Thing You Cannot Live Without--WIll a new industrial lake drain your water supply?
No Sharks Discovered in Wayne County Marsh
The Real Simple Life: Simply Eating
A good Year for Salamanders in Ann Arbor, and for Frogs Too!


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