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Welcome Citizen Lobbyists!

This Spring we'll be educating lawmakers about two important issues. We'll be advocating for legislation that would increase Michigan’s investment in Clean Energy (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) and stop hydraulic fracturing in Michigan (and enact more safeguards).

We are in the process of creating and fine- tuning the reading materials, and will have the majority of them posted two weeks before Lobby Day.

The documents posted under Essential Materials are just that - you need to read these, at a minimum, to feel comfortable lobbying on this issue.

You'll find additional documents under Supplemental Materials which will broaden your knowledge in each issue area. Dig in and enjoy!

Don't worry about printing them out for Lobby Day because we will provide you with copies of these when you arrive. If you do additional research and find a good document you think we should add to these resources, please send me an email at mike.berkowitz@sierraclub.org. I look forward to seeing you on May 7th in Lansing!

  • Readying Michigan to Make good Energy Decisions: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency - These are a set of reports from the non-partisan Michigan Public Service Commission and MI Energy Office which were designed to guide Governor Snyder’s energy policy decisions. They take into account the input from seven public forums around the state during Spring 2013, and describe the vast success of clean energy in Michigan. We've highlighted the pertinent portions of each report for you.
  • MPSC Report from 2014 - This is the latest report by the Michigan Public Service Commission showing that renewable energy and energy efficiency are cheaper than conventional fossil fuel sources. This shows why we should be investing in clean energy instead of fossil fuels. We've highlighted the pertinent portions of each report for you.
  • Consumers Energy Optimization Website - Learn about how Energy Efficiency works by looking through the utility company’s website. DTE's Energy Optimization Website - And this is Detroit Edison’s website for energy efficiency.
  • Energy Subsidies - This is an infographic put together by the Environmental Law Institute showing that fossil fuels have received much heavier subsidies than clean energy. This will help you fight against the fallacious argument that clean energy is only successful when it is subsidized.
  • Michigan Sierra Club Clean Energy Website - This site has lots of background info for you.
  • Worldwatch Institute on Renewable Energy Jobs
    A report that shows the massive potential for clean energy jobs in countries all over the world. For example, Germany created 259,000 direct and indirect jobs in the renewables sector and Spain employs 89,000 people directly.

    Hydraulic Fracturing

  • Stephen Colbert on Fracking - This will provide you with a good laugh and a solid background on the issues with hydrofracking. Also The Daily Show's recent segment on fracking in PA.
  • NYT Article on Fracking - This article shows that there are documented cases of Fracking contaminating water sources for over 25 years, and that oil and gas industry executives publicly lied about it.
  • Michigan Sierra Club Fracking Website - This site has lots of background info for you, put together by our very own Rita Chapman!
  • NWF Report on Fracking in the Great Lakes - This report from the National Wildlife Federation covers everything from the basics of how Fracking works to the specific legal issues surrounding Fracking. The report is specific to Michigan and Ohio.
  • Fracking Job Report - This is a report from Food and Water Watch that shows that Fracking and Shale Gas development creates very few jobs.
  • Fracking Accident Document - This document contains a list of problematic environmental incidents throughout the United States, showing that we don't want these problems to occur in Michigan.
  • Shale Development and Water Stress - This map/report shows that almost half of all U.S. fracking wells are being developed in regions with high water stress, including Michigan.
  • NAS Report on Fracking Methane Release
    This is a report from the National Academy of Sciences showing that the US EPA underestimates methane leakage from fracking wells by a margin of 100 to 1,000. This shows the catastrophic impact that natural gas development could have on the climate.

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