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Sierra Club's In-District Lobbying Program

Sierra Club's "in-district" meetings provide you the opportunity to get to know your state lawmakers. In-District meetings of 3 to 10 participants are great settings to discuss the environmental issues that you care about with your Representative and Senator. Meetings take place close to home ("in the district"), in locations like coffee shops or libraries. Experienced, volunteer District Leaders coordinate and lead meetings, or you can simply visit your legislator's office hours individually. Agendas and meeting materials are available by clicking the links on the right. The topics that we are focusing on this summer (and info to get you up to speed) is below.

If you are interested in visiting a legislator's office hours or setting up an in-district meeting, please contact our Legislative Director, Mike Berkowitz at (517) 484-2372 Ext. 13 or mike.berkowitz@sierraclub.org or our Legislative Chair, Lydia Fischer at lydfisch@mindspring.com or (734) 994-3582.


Hydrofracking -  a process used to extract natural gas that has major environmental side effects. Our goal is to get either the Governor or the State Legislature to delay all fracking projects until there are better regulations in place.

Energy Efficiency - a process that decrease the demand for energy in Michigan, which helps us be less dependent on oil and coal. Our goal is to convince legislators to increase Michigan's energy efficiency standard from 1% to 2%.

Clean Energy - fossil fuels are the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, are extremely polluting in nature, and have a negative impact on public health. The solution is to use more clean and renewable energy. Our goal is to convince legislators to favor legislation that supports the development and deployment of clean energy sources like Wind and Solar.

  • Position Statement- Make sure to leave a copy of this with your legislator. This gives a short summary of our stance on the issue for legislators.
  • Wind Energy - this is an outline of what you should discuss with your lawmakers about wind energy. Please give a copy of this to your legislator.
  • Renewable Energy Jobs in the US - this article shows that investing in clean energy is lucrative and creates jobs.

Biodiversity - The Michigan Legislature is considering legislation that would ban the Department of Natural Resources from considering "biodiversity" when managing state forest lands, an important scientific indicator for ecological health. Our goal is to stop this bill from progressing.

General Sierra Club Priorities - this document has a list and short description of each of our legislative priorities. Feel free to talk to legislators about any of these topics, and to give them a copy of this document.

If you need any other materials or resources or wish to talk to legislators about any other topics,  please contact our Legislative Director, Mike Berkowitz at mike.berkowitz@sierraclub.org or (517) 484-2372 Ext. 13.

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