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Clean Energy Creates Jobs

Toward the end of 2008, the Michigan Legislature passed a major package of energy bills designed to put Michigan on a path toward cleaner, more sustainable energy. Among the components of that package was Michigan's Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS). The RPS requires Michigan's utilities to invest in clean energy by requiring that at least 10% of the electricity they sell be from renewable sources by 2015.

Michigan's 10% by 2015 RPS is weak compared to other big Great Lakes States:  New York - 24% by 2013, MN - 30% by 2025, and IL - 20% by 2025. Michigan's RPS also contains power generating sources that are far from clean and renewable, such as trash incineration, waste "gasification" and coal fired power plants!

Despite these weaknesses, Michigan's RPS has begun to create jobs. Here are some stories of job creation from investments in clean, renewable energy:

A gust of hope - Battle Creek Enquirer, April 16, 2009

Wind Turbine Plant in Novi to Hire 250 - DetNews.com, April 10, 2009       

Factory for Residential Wind Power System Opens in Michigan - Environmental News Service, April 20, 2009      

Michigan Jobs from Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Michigan.gov

Job Opportunities in the Green Economy






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